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BW process chains wait 30 minuts to finish

Question asked by Marcos_Cristiano_Ickert_412 on Jun 2, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2014 by Marcos_Cristiano_Ickert_412

Hi experts, how are things?

We have here in our company the Automation Engine Version 9.00A408-791 with latests hot fixes.

We recently had started to schedule some BW process chains and started this strange behavior:
The process chain finish in ABAP side and after 30 minuts it continues in our Automic.

(Notice in second line that 06:04hs the process receives the information from SAP that it has finished and continues)

2014-06-02 05:32:18 - U2004135 Process instance ODSA_2F1NM0YX71KSSVOYXYYQJXEFC jobcount 04272100 ended normally
2014-06-02 06:04:27 - U2004159 SAP chain 'CRG_ZODS_099_3' with logID 'EWMF0Q3Y0EP5Y72ULM64ZSVNU' ended with SAP status 'X'

Have you ever guys seeing this behavior before?

Marcos Cristiano Ickert
Automic Administrator