UC4 version 10 with Oracle Retail

Discussion created by Loren_Rapp_1880 on Sep 20, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2014 by Ray_Dooley_108

We have installed the Automation Engine, UserInterface.

And also have configured one RA Retail agent on Oracle Retail RMS Batch server. (using OracleRetailAgent_deploy_file.jar)

But we have following questions:

1. Is it necessary to install the RA Retail agent on each application batch server to execute the batches similar to RMS Batch Server (for example for RPM batches, REIM batches, SIM batches, ALLOCATION batches and RWMS batches) ?? or only UNIX agent need to be install ??

2. How can we configure one agent to execute the batches from different source path (if RPM batches, REIM batches and ALLOCATION batches are located on same server) ??

3. Is it required to deploy the agent(s) for FTPing files ?? (on source machine and destination machime)