How can I check an external log file, that has a variable name, for an error status?

Discussion created by Phillip_Blanchard_1236 on Oct 31, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2014 by Pete Wirfs

We have a windows job running a process (Cognos Transformer) and that process creates a .log file in the filesystem.  The log filename relates to the Transformer model of which we have about 30 and therefore the process needs to pass a variable name for the log file.  At the moment the job report does not include the contents of this log file so I cannot check for the success/failure.  Does anyone know how I can ingest this log file?  I tried using a filter object, but that cannot take a variable filename as far as I can see.

To clarify, if the model is called Jan_Cubes.pyj then the log file is G:\Logs\Jan_Cubes.log, the path is consistent.

Please help..

Many thanks, Phill..
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