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I like the community's feedback on a best practice 

I’ve been asked to develop a method which allows for service level agreement (SLA) tracking of multiple workflows.

For example:   The SLA is met when both WorkflowA and WorkflowB complete at 4:00 pm.  WorkflowA begins at 1:00 pm and WorkflowB at 2:30 pm . The SLA is met if both WorkflowA and WorkflowB complete by 4:00 pm.

Option 1:  Create a job (SLAMADE) which will have a predecessor of the successful completion of both WorkflowA and WorkflowB and use the end time of SLAMADE as the measure of the SLA .  If in a few months from now WorkflowC (starts at 11:00 am) was added to meet the SLA, it would be added as a predecessor to SLAMADE.

Option 2.  Have workflows A and B contained inside a third workflow (Workflowmaster).  Workflowmaster would begin at 12:59 pm .  Once WorkflowA and WorkflowB complete, Workflowmaster would end and that would be used as the measurement.  If in a few months WorKflowC  (starts at 11:00 am) was added to meet the SLA  it would have to add it to Workflowmaster and the start time of Workflowmaster adjusted to 11:29 am. 

Option 3.  Another option from the community?

Any and all opinions are appreciated and Happy Holidays!