Running same unix script on 100's of hosts daily - How can I tell from schedule what host??

Discussion created by JohnO'Mullane on Jan 20, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2015 by Pete Wirfs
I've got 1 unix script that is running on 100's of unix hosts. I have installed an Agent on each host.
I am using a Prompt to take the host name and then using a schedule I includes the prompt and pass in the host name.
I am using the same value to populate the HOST field in attributes tab.

This is working fine. I now have 1 Unix Job defined and I have 100's of entries in my schedule, 1 for each of the hosts where I'm running the job.

Problem is that the business want to be able to stop and start this job running on specific hosts for a period of time.

When they go to the schedule, they see 100's of tasks, all with the same Job name. Without going into each one, they cant tell which one is setup to run on the host which they want to stop.

 Anyone know a way around this? i don't want to create 100's of jobs, 1 for each host that I'm running the script on...