[Solved] Automatic startup $U when server starts on Windows - when I (re)start the server i wan

Discussion created by zurel_2738 on Nov 11, 2008
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when I (re)start the server i want to start $U as well
[b]Hello, I am wondering who has experience with ensuring that $U is started when our server gets restarted. [/b]

Last week we had to restart due to MS patch on the server and everything (services) started nicely but not $U.

[b]I prefer not to create my own batch file but I want to call the uxstartup.bat as supplied by Orsyp. I am using windows server 2003 and all i know is how to add this to the startup of a certain user that logs in - which ofcourse is not the way to go.[/b]

Any help would be much appreciated. there must be people out there who have wanted to do the same - and have accomplished this already.