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March 9 Update: All components for Automation Engine have been tested against Java 1.8 and will be supported going forward.   Tests were done against all components in the following ServicePacks:
V9 Service Pack 11
V10 Service Pack 4

If any issues arise on components from earlier Service Packs, the first troubleshooting step should be to see if it still occurs against the latest Service Pack and to contact Support.

Only one issue was noted during testing - editing certain parts of a Cockpit object may not work correctly.  If editing cockpits is needed, the recommendation is to downgrade Java to java 1.7 until a fix is released by Automic.

Original Post: Automic Support knows that many customers are in the process of upgrading to Java 1.8 for Automation Engine V9 and V10.  As a result of this, there have been many inquiries regarding compatibility, and we wanted to have a single place to see updates regarding this topic.

At this point, Automic Automation Engine V9 and V10 do not natively support Java 1.8 for any components, and we are aware of the fact that Oracle will not post further updates of Java 1.7 as of April 2015.

It is technically possible to run the User Interface for V9 and V10 on Java 1.8, but there could be display issues and performance issues.  These issues can be resolved by downgrading to Java 1.7 until Java 1.8 is officially supported.

Please note that our Product Team is creating a roadmap to support Java 1.8 for Automic 9.00A and 10, and will present their findings here in mid-March.  Keep an eye on this posting to see any updates coming through.

Please also note that Java 1.8 is supported for V11.

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