Foreach workflow VARA not settable by script

Discussion created by joel_wiesmann_automic on Apr 30, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2015 by Jennifer_Jinhong_34
Hi there

I'd like to dynamically set the VARA that is used by a FOREACH workflow to iterate trough. Based on the documentation this is the attribute FE_SRC_NAME:
FE_SRC_NAMEVARA object used as the source in a ForEach  workflowName of a VARA object,
maximum 200  characters

:PUT_ATT, Change Program,
predefined variable

However if I'm putting a VARA within the workflows script, it says
30.04.2015 13:57:49 -  U0020343 Runtime error in object 'FOREACH', line '00001'. Cannot change attribute 'FE_SRC_NAME' for object type 'JOBP'.

Is this a bug? Server is 10.0.4 build 521