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Can schedule tasks be set up to kick off a job with an alias?

Question asked by eric.felker on Jun 2, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2015 by Chip_Yglesia_812
We have a team that has a large collection of workflows that are all identical except in name (possibly as many as 100). They kick off the same JOBS objects, in the same order, however each uses a couple different parameters. This is the only differentiation. The JOBS objects are shared, and are configured with an alias in each of the workflows so they look different in statistics, making it much easier to keep different runs of the same objects straight. So they are halfway to leveraging the OO nature of the platform.

They have plans to continue building more and more workflows, and are looking at using the Java API to auto-create these objects.

I was thinking, why not go further and have a single base/template workflow, which they could also kick off with an alias as many times as needed, which would simulate the execution of the ~100 workflow objects they are managing today--a number which will only increase.

But, I can't see a way to have a schedule kick off a task with an alias, as is possible with a recurring execution, or a task in a workflow.

Is this possible? Maybe there is a reason it isn't. Or I could be missing it.