Same workflow, different clients. Solution approach for external dependencies, feedback requested

Discussion created by joel_wiesmann_automic on Jul 3, 2015
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Hi there

I'm writing guidelines on how to develop AE based solutions in the future. Target is, to develop on one client and transport the objects 1:1 to the destination client. All configurations (like agent & logins or what objects should not run on a client) are stored and maintained within client-specific VARAs. Default includes care about accessing these VARAs and publish / set the client-specific information onto the object. The solutions should not modify the workflow by script (so specifications should look the same as the runtime version).

One topic that causes headache to me is how to handle external dependencies. We have quiet a few of them and it might be, that one of these objects that are referred might be inactivated for the deployed client resulting in hanging workflows. In the current world, we managed the differences manually (so workflows might differ) and I was looking for a solution to workaround this and keep the workflow code the same. on all clients

As a solution I thought I might introduce a calendar, having a keyword for every dependency that is not available on all clients (there won't be many of them). These keywords either contains all days or no day at all => so when the workflow calculates, it will, based on the keyword that is named equal on both clients - completely ignore the dependency.

What do you think? Practicable? Anyone having the same issue?