v9+ - How to Start /Stop Agents from UI (System Overview)

Discussion created by Jennifer_Jinhong_34 on Sep 23, 2015
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The ability to start the Agents and Queues from the GUI is a new feature in V9. Users were able to stop the Agent via the GUI in prior versions because the Server already had a communication stream with the Agent.

To start the Agent from the GUI, you'll have to define the ServiceManager information in the Attributes tab of the Host in Client 0.      User Guide > Objects > Alphabetical Listing > Agent > Attributes Tab
The settings defined here are required for the connection between the Agent and a ServiceManager.

Agents can so be started directly via the UserInterface (System Overview) or via the script element MODIFY_SYSTEM.      All values will automatically be replaced if the search for a corresponding ServiceManager service was successful.
This search can be opened using the command "Refresh ServiceManager Scan" in the System Overview's popup menu. The default port number 8871 is used for the scan unless a different specification was made in the setting SMGR_PORT_RANGE of the Automic Variable UC_SYSTEM_SETTINGS.            Essentially what this does is use the ServiceManager to start and stop the Agent from the UI.