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GET_LOGIN decrypt Password?!?

Question asked by Andre_Hempel_610 on Oct 23, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2015 by Andre_Hempel_610
Hello everbody,

i have a little Problem with the Script Statement.
I think a little Brainbug of myself.

The script is running fine, but the Password was not decrypted.
Where is the fault?
The Batchfile is filled only with set db_password=

:set &UC_JOBMD = get_var(UC_EX_JOB_MD)
:SET &PW# = GET_LOGIN("Loginname","Servername","HUGO",PASSWORD)
:PRINT "This is pass &PW#"
:set &PW# = substr(&PW#,3)
:set &PW# = str_cat("--",&PW#)  
&UC_JOBMD CMD=">env&$RUNID#.bat echo set db_password=&PW#"
call env&$RUNID#.bat

Thx at all