Using a SQL Variable as Prompt in Schedule

Discussion created by JohnO'Mullane on Nov 18, 2015
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I'm running a job which takes 3 parameters. I'm passing these parameter to the Job via SQL variables. I'm also using a Prompt to pass these variable to the Job.
When I configure my schedule task for my job, I pick the values I need for that particular run of the job using the "Variables and Prompts" tab.

I understand that for me to be able to schedule this task successfully my SQL Variable objects need to be working properly i.e. If one of my SQL Variables is trying to pull data from a Database that is down, I won't be able to schedule this task.

However, what I wasn't expecting is that at runtime of my job, the SQL Variable objects needs to be working correctly.
I assumed that once I had populated the values when I setup the schedule task, like in the screenshot below, the SQL variable wouldn't need to query the database again.

I was happy to have a dependency on this other Database while I was setting up my schedule task, but not necessarily at every runtime.

Is this expected behavior?

I have already opened a ticket with Support who say that this is in fact expected behavior, but just wanted to double check with community..


Within my schedule p3xqb28z3sqs.png