Notes on Upgrade from V9 sp8 to V11.2

Discussion created by SamahSohrab607228 on Nov 19, 2015
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For those of you at the Automic World, you probably heard that I was going to test the upgrade process from V9 SP8 to V11.2. I wanted to give some updates.

Summary - Once I got the different pieces of software and OS's working, the upgrade process is quite smooth. It took 8.5 hours, which is way too long for us to have as downtime, but can probably be reduced. Looking at the logs we can tell that most of that time is attributed to several tables, that although we archive, might still be too big.

Issues faced:
1. X-Windows is required so that you get a graphical interface for both the Automic Utilities and Oracle. It turns out attempting to run X via mac or pc over the network is PAINFULLY slow. We realized that the Automic utilities do not have to be run from the same machine as the automation engine, so we brought up a virtual-box vm with CentOS and gnome that made it much easier and faster from the X side of things.
2. Full Oracle client is required. We can no longer use the Instant client. I attempted to install the Full Oracle client on ubuntu which is the preferred linux distro for us. It turns out that Oracle does not support ubuntu, and the amount of effort and sub packages required to get the full client installed on ubuntu was too much. So we brought up a CentOS instance where we could install the full oracle client. This CentOS instance also has the Automation Engine binaries on it. One of the issues was remembering to set the Unix variable NLS_LANG for the users running the Oracle Client. This has to match the settings on our Oracle DB. This variable setting is also required for the user that runs the Automation Engine (which in unix is root). Otherwise, the service manager is unable to start the WPs and CPs.

The Virtual-Box VM with CentOS allowed us to run the Automic DB Load utility. After several retries due to Oracle and Automic settings, the process went through with no blocking errors. The Load utility running the Upgrade script for 11.2 checks if your DB is on 8, 9, 10, 11, or even 11.1, and automatically takes the system through each of the steps. Which was very nice, as from the documentation, it seemed that I would have to do each step individually.

Like I said in the summary, the entire Load took 8.5 hours. The parts that took the longest were
During the Database changes, an AV table, that had 198 million records, was insert into av_new (select * from av). This took 1.5 hours.
During the Intial Load steps, the MSG and MSGTX tables, which don't exist in v9, took 40 minutes and 1.5 hours respectively. Then the OT table took 2.5 hours.

If the DB is empty, I can easily see it taking the 30 minutes as was tested by Automic. But as that is not the case with most people, I would recommend figuring out exactly how much and what tables to archive before starting this process.

I'm now trying to get the User Interface working, but I'm getting an error there as well. I'll update once I get that working.

Good luck on all your projects.