Pass JOBG & Queue via promptset not possible

Discussion created by joel_wiesmann_automic on Nov 23, 2015
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Hi fellows

Anyone noticed that you can not pass the JOBG & Queue object definition via Promptset?

I have 2 textfields in the promptset &G_JOBG# and &G_QUEUE#. Within the attributes tab, I directly refer to these variables. Once I execute the object I get a FAULT_OTHER:

U0007023 Activation error in 'JOB.02.02_100#JU'. Start type '&G_JOBG#' is not valid.

If I look at the activation processflow I can see that the first validation of the Queue / Job Group should take place within the Generation step whereas the Promptset is handled within the activation.

Strangely using the {} syntax works and it also seems to resolve internal variables like &$CLIENT# (meaningless test in my case). When trying to use hardcoded object variables or promptsets it won't resolve either.