U0003398 A maximum number of '2030' connections is supported

Discussion created by Keld_Mollnitz on Nov 27, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2015 by Jennifer_Jinhong_34
Hi folks,

Has anyone encountered the above error message ??

The reason I ask, is this:
Last week-end we conducted a disaster Recovery test on our UC4 Production environment.
The AE is running in a distributed server environment, meaning that all CP and WP Server Processes are equally distributed among several Virtual Windows servers (VMWare.).

As part of the test, we powered off one of the windows servers to see and hopefully verify that the system would continue to run on the remaining server.
The problem we found, was that the Agents were unable to reconnect and because of that I opened a support ticket.

The reply back from Support is that any CP can only handle 2030 active connections (?!) - THIS IS NEW TO ME...!! I have tried to find references to this in the Documentation but all I could find was this (Multi-Server Operation -> Establishing a Connection):
"A  UC4 system can have up to 12288 active Agent connections and 1024 active  User connections."
According to Support I should add more CPs (I have 8 today), but I 'm still in dialogue with them

Has anyone experienced similar issue????