Object comparison utility

Discussion created by Patrick_Higgins_6715 on Dec 30, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2016 by Tagir_Ismagilov_674
What are the suggested or recommended ways to compare objects from one environment to another?   Other than individually and visually. We have development groups that want to compare all the objects in a particular area between development and QA or between QA and Prod.   These are in different AE environments  (all AE v10.0.4) and databases.   The 'area' might be all the objects in a specific workflow, or all the objects in a particular project\folder. Somebody must have done this type of thing before, and we do want to 'borrow' rather than write from scratch. A primitive way is to create a transport case and export the objects from each environment and then do an OS file to file comparison  But that will also highlight changes in various time-stamps or other fields.   Would like to be more intelligent in the comparison.