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Init-Script for System D

Question asked by AnjaLuedemann608135 on Feb 9, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2018 by RafaelLubera
Hi everyone, we’re running Oneautomation (V10SP6) on SLES 11 clients. To make sure the Oneautomation agent (and also Engine)  will be up and running without any manual intervention after a reboot we use init scripts (/etc/init.d/) that will auto start the client processes. Since the release of SLES 12 SP1 we’re in the process of upgrading a lot of our clients to the most recent OS of Suse. Oneautomation agents will run just fine on SLES 12 SP1. But since SLES 12 (and the respective versions of other Linux distributions) the init system has been changed from System V to System D. System V init scripts are still supported but are legacy and will be phased out. Since Automic does not provide any init scripts with their releases I was wondering whether anybody of you already run Oneautomation on Linux systems with System D and can provide me with a suitable System D auto start script. Thanks for any help.