SQL Agent incorrect credentials

Discussion created by GordonHester607139 on Mar 7, 2016
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On my dev ONE Automation v11 system I have a LOGIN object defined with entries for both the SQL platform hosting the agent as well as windows entries for the remote SQL platforms. Valid credentials with all kinds of permissions.

SQL job Attributes tab has the Host w/SQL agent, Login is the above mentioned LOGIN object, Queue is CLIENT_QUEUE. SQL tab has Server ***:1433 Database msdb. Form tab has 'Execute a MS SQL Server Job' with a job name of 'testjob'. When I click on the dropdown for Job name: which should provide a list of jobs, I get a Login failed message.

The SQL log on the *** server shows an entry for Login failed for user 'DomainName\SQLAgentHostMachineName$' . Makes sense as the mixed mode authentication SQL platform has no account defined for that user. It does have a working SQL (integrated Windows) account for the user defined in the LOGIN object and this is what I would expect the Agent to be presenting to the *** server, not the machine name of the SQL Agent platform!

WindowsAuthentication=1 in the Agent's .ini
Correct JDBC driver is in the JDBC folder in the bin directory
Correct sqljdbc_auth.dll is in the bin directory.
Correct sqljdbc_auth.dll is in the windows\system32 directory.