SOAP Message seems to call ODI Load Plan twice

Discussion created by Howard_Higgins_6093 on Mar 14, 2016
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Has anyone come across an issue whereby a SOAP request that is configured to call an ODI database Load Plan, before timing-out and sending an email error email alert (time-out) actually calls the load plan twice?

The Automic Automation Engine scheduler is only configured to call the Load Plan Once but on the ODI database side it appears to call the load plan twice!

The most recent example I have of this according to ODI is:
- First LP call 17:05:29
- Second LP call 17:06:06

Automic does send a "time-out" email error alert (default time out is 60 seconds) to key users so just keen to understand why ODI see's two calls to the database

Trying to work out if it is a network or Oracle ODI issue.

Has anyone heard of this happening?

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