Restoring After Patches / Upgrades

Discussion created by laura_albrecht_automic on May 11, 2016
Latest reply on May 11, 2016 by Pete Wirfs
Hi.  Wanted to solicit some feedback on what various customers do in relation to what preventative steps / processes you may take when applying OS patches and/or Automic upgrades.  At my previous company we had a deployment software tool (not ARA) that we used to deploy the various Automic components out either to new servers or if we had to restore (never had to do this, but it was an option).  This obviously had the capability to separate out the config files (*.ini, *.smd, *.smc) and the binaries by creating different "packages" for each.  This was necessary since the config files between environments (QA and PROD) and even between AE's (server1, server2) are different.

Other teams here are making plans, taking steps in regards to applying patches where they completely separate out the config files and binaries.  They apply the patch to the server, check everything out / make sure it is good.  Then they backup the binaries from this DEV server.  Then they go on to apply the patch to the other servers / environments.  And if there are problems with the patch - they would just re-apply the backup of the binaries from the DEV server.  I guess they have had a lot of problems with applying OS patches here and it messes things up for them.

Since I no longer have that deployment software tool available to me, I had just thought I would tar up the directories prior to any kind of Automic upgrade so I could restore from that.  But my company is looking for something more standardized - a process that everyone would follow.  For them, this means separating out the config files and binaries.  I do not think that this is even possible with Automic - all the config files are in the ./bin directory.  Has anyone else had to consider this and proven out that this isn't possible to move the config files out of the ./bin directory?

What they are doing / proposing seems more complicated than I think is needed for Automic.  Only issue I ever saw with applying an OS patch was an SELinux issue, but that didn't require any kind of change / restoration of Automic files.  But they are asking me about this and just wondering what everyone else does out there with multiple environments / AE's and how you address concerns if there are problems with patching and you have to restore.

Thanks in advance.