Creating an xml File of All Client Objects

Discussion created by Scott_Mick_6152 on Jun 7, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2016 by Pete Wirfs
Hi guys - I need to export all objects from a client.  There is no naming convention, so I'll get that out of the way right away.  Has anybody created an xml file directly from a Oracle script that pulls the objects?   I am still looking into it, but the only way to create an xml is from the export function.

:SET &OBJECT# = "*"
:SET &FILE#  = "/home/aev11/bmc_data/client_1000"

If the objects had the object type in the name then that would be simpler as  I could create an xml of each type of object, but as you can see above the "*" will select all objects in the client as I cannot specify anything to break up the amount of data going into each xml file..  This is not working as the limit is one million and I appear to be exceeding that.  See error:

2016-06-07 13:52:41 - U0020568 Runtime error in object 'FRAGMENT_JOBP(GET)', line '00022'. DS return code: '0001001708': 'U1001708 DOM error: NOT_FOUND_ERR'. Error occurred in UCDSFUN at position: 'DS_DB2XML_JOBP33'.

Is there any way to use UC4 functions to find the object type and then create xml files based on that criteria?  Or does anybody know if I can create the xml by reading the DB schema?

Thanks for any feedback.

-Scott Mick