JDE Agent / UNIX Agent - Same Server

Discussion created by laura_albrecht_automic on Jun 10, 2016
Hi.  I'm specifically asking about JDE and UNIX agents living together on the same server, but I would guess there may be other agents out there that have a requirement like JDE does of being started by a specific user.

Anyway, my question is related to having multiple agents on a server and using the Service Manager to control those agents.  I do have an open ticket with  Support on this, but just wondering if anyone out there has any ideas.

The JDE agent needs to be started by the JDE user - let's just say jdexxxx.  The UNIX agent is normally owned by root and started by another UNIX agent - let's say automic.  

If I just have a UNIX agent on a server - everything - the agent and the service manager are all owned by the automic user (with the exception of the agent program which is owned by root).

However, if the JDE agent needs to be started by jdexxxx, does that mean I need a 2nd Service Manager installation owned by the jdexxxx user?  I was hoping I could use just one, but have a feeling I will need 2.

Any thoughts / ideas?  Thanks.