How to act if Automic Proxys SSL certificate expired?

Discussion created by Harald_Heidinger_152 on Jun 20, 2016
Automic Proxy requires a SSL certificate with a specific expiration date to be able to run and to log on on the SSL component. 

If this expiration date is reached, existing connections will still run properly, however if they are restarted for any reason, or new connections need to be created the SSL will send back following errormessage in case the certificate is expired:

Error message: The certificate has expired or is not yet valid

in this case, please follow step 4 within proxy installation guide:


to create a new certificate with a new expiration date (this is valid from the moment you implement the certificate for the specific number of days, in the example of documentation 365 days)

Please note that SSL does not give out any warning of an upcoming expiration of the certificate. A hint to avoid the errormessage is, to set up an internal notification over any reminding system to ensure to extend the certificate in time.


Q: is the SSL certificate an Automic-based component?

A: Altough the SSL certificate is needed for setting up the communication between Automic Proxy and the SSL protocol it is not an Automic based component, The SSL certificate has to be generated on the users site specific.

Q: why no warning is shown within the Automic Proxy log before the certificate is expiring?

A: The certificate is handled by the SSL protocol only and no data about it is forwarded to the Proxy installation, hence this does not allow us to present a expiring warning for the certificate.

Q: can I somehow set a reminder for the expiration date of the certificate over Automic Software?

A: It is basically possible by using a Notification Object connected to a Schedule Object to trigger it on a specific date to send out an E-Mail to you to remind you, however this might be kind of an "overkill" of Automation, a simple reminder within your calender (electronic or paper) might be sufficient to set a reminder  ;)