ARA System added Authorizations

Discussion created by Andrew_Garland_7890 on Jun 28, 2016
Hello Automic Community!

Many of you may have noticed a large list of Authorizations being added to users you are creating within ARA. I wanted to post a quick discussion to help explain the conditions which produce this list.

Example List of ARA System added Authorizations

The above list of Authorizations is automatically created in AE and ARA when a user is granted either the "Write" or "Execute" Folder Authorization for any folder within the ARA Folder Authorization screen. These authorizations, while not pretty, are needed for users to write or execute to a folder created within ARA. As a side note, assigning a user as an Admin in ARA will grant them "Write" and "Execute" folder authorizations on all ARA folders and will also trigger the system to assign the above list of authorizations.

I hope this is helpful!