List jobs configured to store reports in files

Discussion created by Michael_Lowry on Jul 8, 2016
Today I discovered that some of our batch developers have been mistakenly configuring their jobs to store files locally on the agent. I wrote an SQL query to identify such jobs.
select OH_Name,JBA_Output
when JBA_Output = 1 then 'Error only'
when JBA_Output = 2 then 'DB'
when JBA_Output = 3 then 'DB, error only'
when JBA_Output = 4 then 'File'
when JBA_Output = 5 then 'File, error only'
when JBA_Output = 6 then 'DB, file'
when JBA_Output = 7 then 'DB, file, error only'
else 'Unknown'
end as Job_report
from OH
left join JBA on OH.OH_Idnr = JBA.JBA_OH_Idnr
where (JBA_Output - 4) >= 0
and OH_DeleteFlag = 0