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Deactivate external dependency inside a running workflow

Question asked by waechtet on Jul 29, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2016 by joel_wiesmann_automic

has anyone an idea how to deactivate an external dependency inside a running workflow dependend on a defined client. The dependency should be deactivated automatically after two hours in test environment, but should wait for normal completion in production environment. And the job definitions should be the same on test and production.

I have tried to use the timeout feature in the external dependency itself, but that will break the rule for identical jobs in test and prod.

Also the try to deactivate the dependency from an additonal started check-job with ae-script (modify-task won´t deactivate external dependencies).

And at least to modify the dependency-definition on runtime is not a preferred situation, as it will make job analysis after run more difficult.

Maybe you know a better way to get the dependency deactivated and the following job(s) run now..