Creating promptsets with scripting

Discussion created by Antoine_Sauteron_1266 on Aug 1, 2016
Many users like to have PromptSets within their jobs. they can come in very handy to adjust settings when starting this or that task.

The usual way is to create a promptset object, and define it in the job or in the workflow from its 'variable and prompts' tab.

But did you know it was also possible to dynamically create a prompt set with the :READ script command ?

For instance, this script line
:READ &TEXTFIELD1#,"00","Type in variable's value"
Will automatically generate this dialog when the job is executed:

You may create drop-down lists, number fields with arrows, and many other different types.

The :BEGINREAD AND :ENDREAD tags will even allow you to build complex user input dialogs.
:READ &TEXTFIELD1#,"00","Type in variable's value"
:READ &OPTION#,"'ECC','Java Client'",'Do you prefer ECC or the Java client?','Java client'
:READ &GRADE#,"1-5","Rate this post from 1 to 5",,"N"
:READ &PASSWORD#,"","Please enter password)",,"DMK"
Will return this: