Recommended Server Options for Oracle database

Discussion created by Harriet_Kim_1764 on Aug 15, 2016
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Are there any recommended server options for UC_SYSTEM_SETTINGS that I should use to improve performance?

Per the documentation, below are recommended server options for Oracle DB: 

3rd digit - S 

With this setting, the statistical records are not checked when a server cold start is performed. This improves the booting performance of large Automation Engine systems (especially in combination with Oracle databases) because in most cases, the statistical records remain unchanged. 

11th digit - 3 

With this setting, if your Production system were to experience an outage and was unable to enable the traces to capture the issue, this option will show the BIND VARIABLES for long running SQL statements within the LOG file without the need for a trace. 

Please refer to the documentation for more details on these two server options.

Additionally, here is a Community post on "Oracle White Paper - best practices" that provides recommendations for setup and maintenance of the Oracle database.