Setting up Debug for ECC (AWI)

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If you are running into errors or other problems in ECC that you cannot resolve, you can collect detailed logging data to try to find the source of the errors yourself or to send to Automic support for analysis. This topic explains what ECC can log and where you can change log and trace settings. 

Logging ECC events:

Logging of ECC event messages is handled by the logback framework for Tomcat. This logging covers everything that happens in ECC except for the communication with the AE API .


You define the level of messages that are logged in the logback.xml. To collect log data for debugging ECC problems, set the log level to DEBUG (<root level=“DEBUG”>). In most cases, this setting collects sufficient log data for effective debugging, without an excessive burden on performance. However, in some cases, Automic support might request that you turn on full TRACE logging.

Activating logging:

If you change the trace or log settings as described above, you have to restart the Tomcat server for the changes to go into effect.
  1.  Recommended: Save      the old log files. Move the log files to a backup location, so that you have them in case the error cannot be reproduced.
  2.  Turn on tracing      and logging as described above.
  3.  Restart your      ECC Tomcat server. 
  4.  Try to reproduce      the error.
  5.  Collect the      following information and send it to Automic support:
      • All Tomcat log       files. 
      • All ECC log files are stored in the "logs" folder of the Tomcat web application server. The log files are named <Host_Name>_ECC_Log.##.TXT and trace files are named <Host_Name>_ECC_TRACE.##.TXT. The file number (##) is incremented, with 00 being the current file.
      • If your organization is security sensitive, then please at least send all log files with named *_ECC_*. Of course, if possible, having all log files is more helpful for error analysis.

      • AE Server side       Trace according to best practices on demand or when AE backend problem is       very likely
      • The time that the       error occurred. This is very important for debugging analysis.
      • If the problem is related to discrepancies between the AE Rich Client and ECC for the same AE server, make sure to log traces for the AE Rich client as well as the ECC. To collect traces from the Rich Client, set the trace element in uc4config.xml on the Rich Client also to <trace count="10" xml="3"></trace>.