how to consolidate four jobs plan into one job plan using prompt set for z/os mianframe

Discussion created by rao1969 on Oct 17, 2016

Task is :

There are four databases(DSNC,DSNF,DSNM,DSNP). Each database has 20 DB2 JOBS in Mainframe system. Pl see JCL below example of One of the DB2 DATABASE(DSNC):  For each job only difference is job name and  database name.

If I create one job plan for four databases. Job plan has 20 db2 jobs. When I kick off plan, I should get popup windows to select which database is to run . Once I select database name, it should change database name and job name  for all 20 jobs.

Is there any way to write a script keeping JCL in mainframe system and passing variables from UC4 TO MAINFRAME to change database name and job name  for all 20 jobs. 

Second option is : 

if I Keep job JCL in Process tab of  UC4 z/os job . How to  automate using prompt set and passing variables into JCL.

Pl let me know.




********************************* Top of Data *****************************

//DBDC813  JOB (DC),'DB2 SYSADM',CLASS=R,MSGCLASS=2,                      

//         MSGLEVEL=(1,1),REGION=0M,USER=#DB2MNT                          

/*JOBPARM  LINES=9999                                                     


//JCLVAR   SET DB2SYS=DSNC                                                 



//* Daily maintenance of DB2 subsystem: Do nothing for now            *   






Like above example job name from DBDC801 through DBDC820( 20 JOBS),   DBDF801 through DBDF820( 20 JOBS) etc for each database.