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Is it possible to configure two agent instances on single node but communicating to two different AE

Question asked by IndikaPeiris611408 on Oct 18, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2016 by IndikaPeiris611408

Is it possible to configure two agent instances(eg: Windows agent ) on single node where the one agent is configured to one AE system (May be Development) and the other one configured to another AE system (May be production).

Documentation does not say it is not possible. Reason for the question is that $U DUAS instances on a single node can be configured only to one management server.  

We have a use case for this. We have one system running on one node serves as DEV, TST, QA and Prod environment (exceptional case of cause). All environment in one box but running application instances independently and uses different folders.

Thank you for the suggestions/help in advance.


Indika Peiris