How to Install RA WebServices (simplified)

Discussion created by Harriet_Kim_1764 on Nov 18, 2016


There is documentation on how to install a component, but sometimes, it not easy to follow and can be confusing. The purpose of this post is to simplify the installation of the RA WebServices agent.

How to Install RA Webservices Agent:

     1. Verify you meet the Java requirements here
     2. Load the license in the database for the RA Webservice agent (only if there is no RA Webservice license included in your existing licenses)
  • To verify if you already have RA Webservice license in the database, go to theUI's System Overview > Licenses > EX.RA.WebServices
     3. Install the RA core
     4. Update the .ini**
     5. Create a Webservice agent in the Service Manager Dialog
            a. Update the command.
                Example:  C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_31\bin\java -jar -Dautomic.ra.webservice.javac="C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_31\bin\javac.exe" C:\Automic\Agents\rawebsrv\bin\ucxjcitx.jar disable_cache
            b. Update the start path.
                Example:  C:\Automic\Agents\rawebsrv\bin
     6. Load the Webservice Solution (.jar file) using the DB Load utility tool 
     7. Create the Webservice agent in Client 0 for RA agents
     8. Start up the Webservice agent via Service Manager Dialog
     9. Edit the Webservice agent and select the clients you want it to have access to in the Authorizations tab

See documentation for specific details here.