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A low performance when need to MoveObject (Automic API)

Question asked by Eduardo_Domanski_8644 on Nov 23, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2016 by Eduardo_Domanski_8644
I have all objects (more than 10k) in one single folder. I have an issue when I need to move one object from its folder to another one, because the automic API method MoveObject needs a FolderListItem to be moved and to get this, I have to retrieve all objects into a FolderList. So, imagine retrieving all 10k objects to move one or few of them. It is not the best way, mainly considering the performance of my app.

When moving an object in GUI (One Automation), for example, if I perform a search and just drag and drop an object into another folder, it is moved quickly (for sure its not calling the MoveObject method).

Does anyone know how to move objects like the example above, other than calling MoveObject? The only way I found to do it would be by executing some queries in database, but with API methods it would be better / safer.

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