Unload error U00021528 Parent object of folder .. not found

Discussion created by Iris_Muttenthaler_7233 on Nov 29, 2016
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There is a knowledgebase Article available for resolution instructions on this error:

However, for this resolution Automic Support is necessary but there is also a workaround that you can use for a quick manual resolution. 

Here's the explanation:

This error occurs when you create a Usergroup, create a new folder inside the Favorites of this Usergroup and then delete the Usergroup.

In my exmaple i deleted the usergroup USRG.MUI and then started the unload process:


I received following error message in the ucybdbun log:

U00021528 Parent object of folder OH_Idnr: '0001086294', OH_Name: '1086290k\MOEP' not found.

So you can find out the culprit Usergroup object with the following SQL script (please adjust regarding your Database):
select  oho.OH_Name, ohf.OH_Name, oho.OH_Client from oh oho with (nolock) join ofs with (nolock) on oho.OH_Idnr = ofs.OFS_OH_Idnr_O join oh ohf with (nolock) on ofs.OFS_OH_Idnr_F = ohf.OH_Idnr where ohf.OH_DeleteFlag = 1 and oho.OH_DeleteFlag = 0
The output in my case is:


So i can simply go to my client 22 and find the usergroup USRG.MUI_0001086290 in the recyclebin. I restore it, delete the folder in the Favorites and then delete the Usergroup USRG.MUI again. 
Start the unload process again and it runs without problems.