Integration with BODS Webservice API

Discussion created by GreggMorris601129 on Dec 2, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2018 by winbhat
Currently, we integrate BODS jobs using Unix shell scripts. This is proving to be clumsy when trying to manage environments, getting job reports, and killing hung processes.

Using Automic RA Webservices 3.2, I am working on a POC to perform the following operations:

Job execution
1) Call Logon API and get back SessionID and capture it in a variable -> Only needed if we enable Session security
2) Call Run_Batch_Job with job details ; Get RunID as return value and capture in variable
2) Using RunIDLoop (Get_Trace_LogGet_BatchJob_Status) until Status changes to 'Succeeded' or 'Error'; Probably check every 1 or 2 minutes
3) If Status  = 'Succeded', Call Get_Trace_Log else if Status =  'Error', call Get_Trace_Log followed by Get_Error_Log    (Get_Trace_Log gives generic job log while Get_Error_Log gives only error specific logs)
4) Call Logout to end the session  -> Only needed if we enable Session security

Job cancellation
On Cancellation, Call Stop_Batch_Job using RunID, captured from Run_Batch_Job

Any advice will be appreciated.