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How can I use a Login object with a File Event object?

Question asked by Michael_Wraa-Hansen_8334 on Dec 20, 2016
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I have an active-active-active cluster with UC4-agents on each of the three servers (the service manager services are not created as cluster services). The service manager and the OS agents run as Local System. The three agents are added to a hostgroup corresponding to the cluster.

The cluster has a number of shares that physically can move between the servers as the service supplier see fit.

One of our developers wants to use a File Event object that needs to access one of the cluster shares and since the share may move around he wants to use the hostgroup to indicate which agent to use. When the agent happens to be the one of the server where the share is everything works but if he gets one of the other two agents he gets access denied.

Ideally he would want to use a login object with the file event object but how is this done? I would rather not have to have the agent running with a task specific service account.

Thanks in advance!