Need to Build some setup/condition in One Automation Engine in production &/or Test instances.

Discussion created by Tran-Hoang_Hau_348 on Dec 27, 2016
Please help us in building some setup/condition in One Automation Engine. The scenario is, If a job has not started at the scheduled interval/time it was expected to start. For a production job (such as EMR ADC Pickslips RMT) that’s expected to run with the frequency every 5 minutes (:x3, :x8, etc. – i.e., every time with a minute ending with 3 or 8), then if it hasn’t started within say “15 minutes” of its last run time, then there should be notification / alert sent to relevant process owner(s). This is different than sending normal notification(such as Aborted,Error,Warning,Terminated). 

I believe there is built-in functionality within new UC4(One Automation Engine, UI Ver: 11.2.1) utility that will do precisely this with appropriate logic and configuration. Please suggest us like how we can achieve this requirement ( i.e. to send the automated notification alerts to the process owner(s) whenever their jobs not started as per schedule frequency). 

I would suggest to script to check whether or not the job still running for the pre- interval time (eg 15 minutes)  then you also can set up an alert to your team via scipt as well 
Follow this link below for the informaiton

Alert via script