SQL or API method of pulling user actions

Discussion created by Michael_Coxson_5769 on Jan 26, 2017
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I'm looking to try and separate what activations/cancellations of objects occurred due to automated processes (scheduled/uc_activated, etc) and what were due to manual intervention by users.  We are implementing self-service functions and management would like to get an idea of how often application teams use the tool versus other sources (scheduler users, operators, etc).

I have worked out an API process that is partially there, but unfortunately the StartType() of Schedule objects that are automatically re-scheduled at the top of the day are blank.  I can exclude schedule launches that occur at 00:00:xx for GMT-based times, but some application teams use TimeZones, which means that every object will need to be opened and the TimeZone read and applied to the time to exclude (so instead exclude 05:00:xx for EST, etc.).  This is possible but means quite a bit more processing time.

Does anyone else have a report like this they've created or have any idea how I should go about it or should I just buckle-down and get specific with my code?  If there's an SQL query that can hammer all this out too I'd love to see it.