PMPER-1997 — TaskFilter.setObjectName() should also accept array of strings

Discussion created by Michael_Lowry on Feb 6, 2017
I just submitted a new enhancement request at ideas.automic.com.

PMPER-1997TaskFilter.setObjectName() should also accept array of strings
TaskFilter.setObjectName() accepts a single string for filtering by task alias.

setObjectName() should have a second signature that takes an array of strings as its argument, e.g.,


String[] taskNames= {"UC4.TEST1*","UC4.TESTAF98.JOBS","A51.MAIN.JOBP"}; TaskFilter filter = new TaskFilter(); ActivityList actList = new ActivityList(filter); filter.setObjectName(taskNames);
This would filter the activity list to show tasks:
• with a task alias beginning with UC4.TEST1
• with the task alias UC4.TESTAF98.JOBS
• with the task alias A51.MAIN.JOBP


This is related to another (accepted) enhancement request we opened a couple of years ago:


PMPER-475— TaskFilter.setObjectName() actually filters by AH_Alias and not OH_Name. There should be a way to filter by object name.

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