Usage Statistic Tool Error with MS-SQL

Discussion created by Christian_Glaser_7453 on Feb 28, 2017
Outgoing Situation:

You have set up the Usage Statistic Tool in your system and when starting the tool you get
the following Error Message:


20160920/120411.672 - U0029108 UCUDB: SQL_ERROR    Database handles  DB-HENV: 1881a0  DB-HDBC: 188270
20160920/120411.672 - U0003591 UCUDB - DB error info: OPC: 'SQLExecDirect' Return code: 'ERROR'
20160920/120411.672 - U0003592 UCUDB - Status: '42000' Native error: '102' Msg: 'Incorrect syntax near 'date'.'
20160920/120411.672 - U0003594 UCUDB Ret: '3590' opcode: 'SLCT' SQL Stmnt: 'with t as ( Select ...
20160920/120411.672 - U0003590 UCUDB - DB error: 'SQLExecDirect', 'ERROR   ', '42000', 'Incorrect syntax near 'date'.'
20160920/120411.672 - U0044008 An error occurred while creating the output files.


Please open your ODBC Administator tool and check the following set ups:

1.) change to the <System DSN> Tab
2.) choose your database and click  <Configure>
3.) proceed further on until you reach <Change the default database to>
4.) this tab shows the <ANSI> settings
5.) please check if the checkmarks are checked on <Use ANSI quoted identifiers> and <Use ANSI null, paddings and warnings>

These checkmarks are also recommended from our side. For more information please out documentation: