Automation Engine - GUI based Queries / checking urls / replicating a DB

Discussion created by Antoine_Sauteron_1266 on Mar 2, 2017
1. Some of our exiting Process / Applications require GUI based action. Can we interface Automic with application GUI and do necessary action ?
This sounds that something possible only if the application has an API, a command line mode or a WebService that allows to interact with it without using the GUI.

2. Application monitoring on GUI based interface , Can we do this through Automic ?
Scenario : Need to check an application URL is working on a regular interval
One possible way to do this would be to use a JOBS.UNIX to check the url. You could either start this job in a recurring way, or use an EVNT.TIME to start it at a regular interval.

curl -Is | head -1
If the job report contains '200 OK' it means the url could be reached.


- Event tab : let's say you want the check to occur every minute, the 'Check' and 'Timer control' should be set as follows:
- !Process tab : will give the instruction to start JOBS.UNIX.CHECK.URL each time the interval has lapsed - every minute in our case:

3.  Application data needs to be replicated from Production (Primary) to DR (secondary)  . Can we make this data replication using Automic.
The DBMS normally offer this kind of tools. Of course the execution of such tools can be triggered by the Automation Engine.

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