UC_JOBMD - Run Linux command in loop [PROCESS]

Discussion created by JagdishGidwani609069 on Mar 20, 2017
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Hello All,

I have recently started working on Automic and am trying to run few simple iSQL commands in a loop , need to ensure the sequence on sql files , have stored all the file name / sorted in a VARA object , however while executing the command I am facing below problems.

Process tab of Action looks like below -


a) all the commands are eventually running simultaneously not one by one  - I tried to replace the iSQL command with touch plus : WAIT 60 , to validate this - all files touched at the same time.

b)  In order to capture the error in iSQL command I am running another egrep command on output file [ output of previous iSQL command is stored in .out file]

I need UC_JOBMD  command to wait for completion before moving to next step.

Thanks much in advance