Job Submission on Windows by a non Admin User via a One Automation System Agent

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It is possible on a Windows system to let a System Agent submit jobs by a system user different from LocalSystem if various Windows Local Security Policies are updated. Modifying Group Policies on Windows must be performed by user belonging to the administrator group of the host.


These policies must be activated for any user that shall submit One Automation Jobs on a Windows System:

• Act as part of the operating system
• Adjust memory quotas for a process
• Back up files and directories
• Logon as service
• Logon as batch job
• Restore files and directories
• Replace a process level token

To access to the Group Policies Open the Configuration Panel  ==>  Administrative Tools ==> Local Security Policy:


In Local Security Click on Local Policies ==> User Rights Assignment and look for the policies listed above :




To add a user to one of the necessary policies double click on it and click on‘Add a user or a group’:



 Search the domain for the required user and select it by a double click, and finally validate with ‘OK’.

Add the user to all necessary policies by repeating all these steps for each policy.

Now this user can be added to an Login Object for all Windows system agents running on this system.