DB backups scheduled in SQL Server Mgmt or AWA?

Discussion created by RickM111 on Apr 6, 2017
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For several years, our backups have been setup as JOBS in AWA, but we haven't had the privilege of having an SQL DBA available.  We now have one available, and he would like the backups to be done through a scheduled process in the SQL Server Management.  However, on my side, I am thinking that having them scheduled in AWA allows the ability to have more control over when the backup runs.

One thing that keeps going through my head is when system patches need to be done.  This is on a scheduled basis, and it is done on several systems at the same time.  So, if a Windows patch is scheduled, it would be done on our App and DB servers.  When these are scheduled, we have the ability to stop processing in AWA so the patches can be loaded and the servers rebooted.  Works out well, but if we switch to having the backups scheduled in SQL Server Mgmt, we would lose that ability.

So, how do others handle the backups? 

Do you schedule them in SQL Server Mgmt or AWA?