Promptset is not populating with valid data (does in preview)

Discussion created by Michael_Coxson_5769 on Apr 12, 2017
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I am running into an issue where a Promptset is not populating data in a live run, but does so correctly in preview.  This is using a SQL call to return the agents from one or more HostGroup and present them as options to select.

This uses the following SQL:
select OH_NAME, OHGF_NAME from oh O,ohgf H where H.ohgf_OH_IDNR = O.OH_IDNR and O.OH_client = &$CLIENT# and O.oh_otype = 'HOSTG' and O.oh_deleteflag = 0 and REGEXP_LIKE (O.OH_NAME, '&HOSTGROUPS#') order BY OH_NAME
This passes a variable value from the JOBS object (&HOSTGROUPS#) to complete the regular expression.  In this example, &HOSTGROUPS# is set to "MAT.HG.TESTING1$|MAT.HG.IRH00042".

In testing, the Promptset properly populates and a PREP_PROCESS_VAR script properly retrieves the values as well, but when you execute the job the Promptset shows nothing.  The same user uses Promptsets elsewhere with no problem, so it's not a permissions issue.  


Any thoughts?