How to automatically pull the Agentname of an Agent that "ENDED_LOST"

Discussion created by JohnTorres603474 on Apr 13, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2017 by JohnTorres603474
We don't have an issue when it "ENDED_OK" by using the ":READ &uc_ex_host,," but we have always struggled with the "ENDED_LOST" scenarios.

It appear that for the &uc_ex_host, that only the objects for EXECUTE_ON_START and EXECUTE_ON_END can be used by the object to read the script variable &uc_ex_host from the read buffer.  

According to the manual and development with the Execute_on_lost it will not be able to pull the variable &uc_ex_host from the read buffer so using UC_HOSTCHAR_DEFAULT configuration to send, for example, an email indicating the Agent name is not possible (at least using this method).

Does someone have a suggestion on how to automatically identify an Agent that has just "ENDED_LOST".

Thanks in advance.