Centralized Agent Upgrade (CAU) : installation and example

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Version 12 introduces this feature, that allows you to upgrade agents directly from the Automation Engine server.

This method has several pros :

  • You don't need to make a local copy of installation files / binaries from the newer version on each agent
  • The AE server updates the agents then restarts them, and writes an upgrade report.
  • You can bulk update agents from a single installation package.

There are a few prerequisites and restrictions though:
  • It only works for agents > v12. You cannot use CAU to update a V11.2 agent for instance.
  • Agents can only be restarted by the AE server after the upgrade if they are linked to a Service Manager.
  • The user must have the 'Execute System Upgrade' privilege
  • CAU is only possible for these agent types:

Install the Plugin Manager

This is a separate component of the AWI that you will need to get from the Download Center. Unzip the compressed file and move the .jar to <Tomcat>\webapps\<AWI>\WEB-INF\autoinstall :


Sign out from the AWI then reconnect to Client 0. The "Packs" view has been added to "Administration":

Download an update package

Each agent has its own package. You can get it at the download center. Look for items whose name start with "PCK".


Once you have downloaded a package, import it by pressing  loud0c2wesem.png from the "Packs" view.

Then choose the PCK location and validate:

Update your agent(s)

Once the PCK has finished loading, you can update the agent(s).
Go to Administration > Agents & Groups > Agents, then right-click on the agent > Agent Upgrade.


Set the target version - "latest" is set by default - then press "Upgrade":

The update will start running:

You can get the update report @ Agents & Groups > Upgrade History:

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