File Order

Discussion created by Karim_Azzouzi_8427 on Apr 26, 2017
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I created an event which monitors a dedicated folder. 
If there are *.* Files then do ....(!Script)..... aso. 
Now i need to control the order from those files DIQS_PR_*.xml. I example, i need to work with the oldest to the latest file. 
How can i configure that? 
The workaround is to :
1) Create a new Unix job with LXDIQSCI server 
2) in process tab 
<Go to your xml directory>  and put this line
find -name "DIQS_PR_*.xml" -type f -printf '%T+ %p\n' | sort | head -n 1 > out.txt 

Now use the out.txt in your script pre_process_file