v11 prompt set issue - task stuck in "Generating" state upon restart

Discussion created by Tim_Kracht_5712 on May 4, 2017
Latest reply on May 8, 2017 by Darren_Sniezak_40

We are on the verge of upgrading from v9 to v11.  I am working on a new workflow which uses a prompt set for the run date, defaults to today, and sets a new variable to the result of the prompt set.  There are three tasks within this flow, each of which has the same run date prompt and the same variable, set to inherit variables from parent.  The JOBS objects for the tasks each have a preprocess script which sets the variable to the result of the JOBS prompt if it is not already set by the parent.

What I am trying to accomplish: when run in a schedule, the flow defaults the prompt sets to the current date and passes this value on to all tasks. If the flow is executed manually, the user is prompted for the run date, which is passed to the child tasks.  If a user runs one of the JOBS objects independently, the user is prompted for the run date.

All of this works correctly in our v9 instance for the default date and for past dates.  It also works in v11 if all tasks complete successfully. However, in v11, if a task within the flow fails and then is restarted: the user is prompted for the run date but then the task gets stuck in the "Generating" state with the Status Within Parent as "Waiting For User Input."  It cannot be cancelled and must have the status manually updated.  There are no prompt windows hiding in the UI either.

Replicating the same steps in v9 does not result in the same stuck task issue.  After a failure and restart, the user is prompted for the run date and the restarted task completes successfully, as do the remaining tasks in the flow.

My admin told me the issue was due to the double prompt sets and suggested using:PUT_PROMPT_BUFFER to populate the task prompt or eliminating the workflow prompt and doing something with task prompts in the task properties.  Before I pursue these suggestions, I wanted to check in here.  Is it a lucky accident that it works in v9 or a bug/new feature that it doesn't work in v11?  Any suggestions on how to implement this solution if mine is not correct?

UI versions:

9.00A Build 318-381 - JRE 1.6.0_32 32 Bit

11.2.2+Build.622 - JRE 1.8.0_92 64 Bit